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detailed brushtrokes of floral and leaf motifs painted in shimmering metallic orange watercolour by Charlotte Dilley

Beauty from the order of nature

Patterns occur everywhere: the spiralling seeds of a sunflower, the hexagonal cells of a honeycomb, the circular ripples as rain drops land.

I strive to reveal a delicate and harmonious balance in my work, echoing nature’s perfect proportions. The universal language of geometry - generative processes such as symmetry, repetition, alternation and tessellation - help me create a foundation of structure above which flowing lines, scrolling leaves, organic spirals and intertwining floral motifs are arranged to create a sense of movement and an energy of growth.

Detailed brushstrokes, subtle shading, palettes of naturally elegant colours and a hint of metallics then bring the finished works to life.

photograph of carved stucco the alhambra granada spain taken by Charlotte Dilley

A transformative experience

A high school art teacher once told me I was too slow, too neat and too precise to be an Artist. Despite art being my favourite and highest achieving subject, her words stayed with me and I left art behind for a career as a Corporate Producer.

A visit to the magnificant Alhambra in 2011 reignited my curiosity about a genre of art I had always admired but knew nothing about. I researched traditional arts and studied part-time courses with The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts and Art of Islamic Pattern in London.

I discovered the profound interplay between nature's forms and the age-old universal geometric systems that have been used to construct intricate and mesmerizing patterns across civilizations and eras.

vibrant pink and green watercolour painting showing the structured geometry lattice underneath untamed floral motifs

Patience is my Super Power

I fell in love with the abstracted vegetal and floral designs (referred to variously as biomorphic, arabesque and islimi) that decorate the elemental geometric foundations: the dance between the organic and the geometrical. This marriage of structured precision and the untamed beauty of nature resonated deeply with me.

To discover a practice where quiet, gentle focus is encouraged, where precision and accuracy are respected and where patience and perseverance are rewarded was truly revelatory.

I'm proud to say "I'm an Artist"

I now claim this without feeling like it's not enough for the world. Seeing my work published in the new book "Profound Patterns" and being able to create and share my work here fills me with immense gratitude.

Yours, creatively ...

Thank you for taking a glimpse into my artistic world, your presence and support inspires me every day.

Much like a stroll amidst nature bestows serenity upon the soul, I hope my expressions of her perfection bring happiness and delight, and reawaken your senses of awe and wonder.

Charlotte x

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